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The Majewski Curse by Lisa McInnes true crime Canada grief and loss book

The Majewski Curse

In her debut novel, Lisa Dianne McInnes urges us to explore the meaning of loss, the evil side of human nature, and the infinite power of love and rising above it all.

Between the years 2012 and 2017, like a pile of dominos, Lisa Dianne McInnes watched her life collapse as one traumatic tragedy after another took away her loved ones, leaving her to learn just how quickly life can fall apart.

An extraordinary memoir full of depth, compassion, and unimaginable strength, The Majewski Curse is the harrowing true story of the separate yet intertwined tragedies of Brandon, Devon, and Derek Majewski’s deaths and the multiple conspiracies surrounding their family’s search for truth.

The Majewski Curse is a #1 Amazon Best Seller in Grief and Bereavement



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July 15, 2021



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Great Read

“I don’t know what I would’ve done in her position. Her strength,. compassion, kindness and resolve was definitely tested and proven, 10 times over.

Just the idea of your child being struck and killed by someone drinking while driving, speeding and texting at the same time, at night! But then have the audacity to sue all three families of the boys she rammed and battered.

Then to read the tragic domino effect that ended two more of the family’s life‘s. Heart Breaking, but well written, well done and loved the message of hope. What a world we live in…”

- Amazon reviewer


Tragic true life tale of tragedy and rebirth

“The Majewski Curse is tragic and yet inspiring. Ripped from the headlines this truly amazing real life story needed to be shared. Lisa does that and more in this highly addictive page turner with more than it’s share of twists.”

- Amazon reviewer



“Well Written, her style of writing has such a beautiful flow, I couldn’t imagine going through any of it, almost unbelievable circumstance. Well Done Lisa.”

- Amazon reviewer



“What an incredibly painful yet inspiring story of strength, love, pain and sadness that makes you want to remember to give your kids an extra hug tonight.”

- Amazon reviewer